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Flex ‘n Burn is open and accepting new membership applications.
To get a trial class or join FNB, visit the RATES page and pick an option. Then click ‘create one now’ to create an account and apply/buy a trial, monthly or class pack plan to become a Member and get access. Hurry, availability is limited!
All offers and membership are subject to availability and approval. Other restrictions may apply.

Covid-19 Related Policy & Terms Update

Due to the Covid-19 crisis we have updated and/or amended our Policies to reflect the various governmental and operational requirements and conditions to deliver a safe and fair workout environment for all Clients and Guests. We have instituted SAFE WORKOUT PROTOCOLS that meet or exceed the required guidelines to keep you safe. However, as the Covid-19 virus is undetectable, there is still a risk that you could be susceptible. Thus, your participation in and or use of Flex ‘n Burn Studio, Boutique and Classes are expressly conditioned upon acceptance of that risk. These Policy and Terms updates, addend and/or supersede all other prior Policy and Terms and your participation in or use of Flex ‘n Burn Studio, Boutique and Classes are expressly conditioned upon acceptance of this risk and updated policy.

Future Temporary Closures

As we did with the Covid-19 government orders of closure, any future temporary closure due to, including but not limited to; pandemics, outbreaks, diseases, war, wildfires, earthquakes, flood, dam breaks or any federal, state or city declared emergencies, all monthly memberships, class packages, class credits and their respective commitments, will be frozen in-time as soon circumstance and situation permits, until the temporary closure order is lifted and/or Flex ‘n Burn is able to re-open and operate the Studio. There will be no cancellations, reimbursements, or refunds. All announcements of closures and reopenings will be delivered by the best available media and as timely as the circumstances and situation permits. With any future Studio reopening, all accounts will reactive and resume the status at the time it was frozen.


How is FNB keeping your Classes & Workouts Safe?

We are not only committed to the Fitness of our Members but your Health and Safety as well!

Foremost, your workout is protected by an Antiviral Air Purifier operating during each class and working to eliminate, kill and deactivate any SARS-CoV-2 virus (aka Coronavirus or Covid-19 virus) providing a 99.9% reduction/inactivation of the virus!

Additionally, our classes are limited to 12 participants, 1 Member per Burn Station (with no shared use), each numbered and spaced over 6ft apart (double the social distancing recommendations) with floor graphics to guide your form and help maintain that distance during the entirety of the class, and all Burn Stations are sanitized before & after each class.

Moreover, we have instituted additional specific protocols that meet or exceed the required guidelines to keep you safe. In addition, we already have a standing policy mandating the highest level of cleanliness and sanitizing in our studio since our Grand Opening January 2, 2020.

Furthermore, our FNB staff is always vigilant and diligent about maintaining this standard and beyond. We will not only continue to reinforce these efforts and updated protocols but strive to continue to find anyways to improve these standards whenever possible. We will get through this time working & working out together.

Class Availability & Booking

We may be operating under a limited schedule of Classes which may vary at any given time. Please check the schedule for daily times and availability. All Classes may be booked a maximum of 7 days ahead of schedule. You must have an active Class series, package, monthly plan or credits available and in good standing in order to pre-book Classes. You may only book and reserve one Class per day. There are 12 Burn Stations and corresponding spots available for any given class. The availability of spots for Classes may still vary and be limited without notice. Please check schedule for Class availability and booking.

Class Attendance

Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to Class start time. You must be physically in Studio and present for pre-class orientation no later than 5 minutes prior to the start of your Class. Otherwise, you may be considered a “late cancel” and be charged for the session. For safety reasons, once the Class has started, we cannot allow anyone to enter the Workout Studio.
Any Waitlisted Client that receives notification of upgrade to Booked Client, must also be Studio to take advantage of that space otherwise it will defer to the next available in Studio waitlisted Client etc.
NOTICE: Locker and water fountain usage maybe temporarily prohibited. Please bring only the minimum items required for class attendance, drinking water in a capped bottle, towel, keys etc.

Class Waitlist Policy

To minimize congregation and help maintain social distancing in the lobby, the only Clients with confirmed bookings should show for Class. If you are on the Waitlist, and your Class has not been confirmed as a booking, please do not show up for Class.
If a Class you want to book is full, we recommend that you put yourself on the waitlist. Just click on the Class you want choose waitlist when prompted. It will tell you if the waitlist space is available or full as well. If a space opens, you will be added to that Class and receive an email confirmation.
One you receive the confirmation; all Class polices now apply to your booking. If you do not show up or cancel less 2 hours ahead of time, you may be charged a “no show or late cancel fee”.

Your Right to Cancel Your Scheduled or Reserved Classes

For the time being, we will have a universal 2-hour cancellation policy. All Clients may cancel Classes without charge or loss of Class credit provided it is within Flex ‘n Burn’s cancellation policy and no later than 2 hours prior to the Class reserved. You may do this by utilizing your account via flexnburn.com or with the Flex ‘n Burn App. Any Classes cancelled with less than 2 hours’ notice, you will forfeit the Class or Class credit and your account will be deducted or charged against your Class Package/Class Credits or monthly plan or a single Class payment may be due if you have run out of Classes or Class Credits at the time of cancellation. Monthly unlimited recurring plans will be charged at $15 fee in lieu of Class credit/deduction. Founder’s Monthly Unlimited Clients will be charged a $10 fee in lieu of Class credit/deduction.

What do I need to do to prepare for my first Class?

For New Clients and First Timers who are attending their first Class at FNB, no worries! We know that starting is the hardest part. Just arrive 10-15 minutes before your first Class and we’ll get you ready to Flex ‘n Burn it with a pre-class orientation and check-in. You MUST arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the Class to check in and complete the required pre-class orientation. Dress comfortably and please bring only the minimum items required for class attendance, water, bottle towel, keys etc. as locker use and water fountains maybe temporarily prohibited.


Please observe the following safe workout protocols when coming into Flex ‘n Burn take a Class:

  • Buy & book your Class online at flexnburn.com or via FNB app
  • Check-in/confirm attendance up to 1 hour before class via FNB app
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to Class time, first timers 15 minutes prior
  • Optional: Enter Studio wearing a mask or face covering
  • Upon entering confirm arrival & booked Burn Station with staff
  • Follow pre & post Class sanitizing protocols posted in Studio
  • Go directly to your booked Burn Station in Studio until Class starts
  • Use a sanitary wipe to sanitize handles of your machine prior to use
  • Optional: Wear a mask while you Flex ‘n Burn it!
  • Cover or sanitize mat if used
  • Wipe and sanitize handles of your machine after use
  • Wash your hands, use wipe or hand sanitizer after Class
  • Please follow these and any other staff & instructor protocols for Class participation

What is Flex 'n Burn?

A new boutique fitness studio created to provide busy people, who highly value their time, with the most efficient and effective high-intensity training workout possible in a fun 30-minute class.

What is the 30 Minute CardioMuscular Workout™?

It is a cardio-paced dynamic resistance training class that simultaneously provides you with cardiovascular and muscular benefits, making it the most efficient and effective metabolic fat torching and muscle stimulating workout in the world!

How do I try the class?

See current offers and promotions to experience FLEX ‘N BURN.

BOOK ‘N BURN your first time here!

What makes it the Most Efficiently Effective Workout in the World?

Our CardioMuscular Workout creates the most metabolically disruptive response possible from your body during each 30 minute class and produces a higher post exercise or EPOC response {Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption} than many 1-hour based classes or programs enabling you to burn up to 950+/- calories as a direct result of the workout.*
*Burn up to 500+/- calories during the workout, plus up to 450+/- of post exercise calorie burning over the next 24hrs. Individual results may vary. **Based on the % of intensity level maintained during the workout, clients can burn up to 23% more calories above their normal resting energy expenditure during recovery.

Why is the workout more effective than other HIIT classes?

Flex ‘n Burn classes elevate your heart rate while targeting specific body parts with dynamic resistance and no designated rest intervals to sustain higher intensity throughout the entire workout. As a result, you burn an incredible amount of calories during and after the workout while strengthening, toning and sculpting your body!

If I do dynamic resistance training, will I get bulky?

Nope! Our 30 Minute CardioMuscular Workout program is designed to tone and strengthen lean muscle, while shedding excess fat. This carefully crafted high intensity workout will define your muscles without bulking them up.

I haven't exercised in a long time. Can I still do the workout?

Absolutely! Our high-tech machine’s resistance starts as light as 1lb and can be instantly increased or decreased according to your fitness level. Plus, with a maximum of 12 participants per class, the instructor will be able to give you tips on form, show you how to make adjustments and help you work around any physical challenges.

How many times per week should I Flex 'n Burn it?

If Flex ‘n Burn classes are your primary workout, then we recommend a minimum of 2x classes per week to continually progress and see results. Your workout frequency directly correlates to positive changes in fat loss, metabolism, muscle retention and overall body shape.

What if I want to prioritize my upper or lower body etc?

Easy! Our classes are designed for targeted muscle toning. Simply book and take more classes that target the body region you’re interested in expediting your results. We recommend attending the targeted muscle toning classes 2x per week and optionally adding 1-2 total body workouts per week.

What equipment do you use at Flex 'n Burn?

We primarily use the Flexline Air Dynamic Cable Training machine, which allows you to adjust resistance levels instantly at any time during the class and helps you get the most out of your 30 minute workout.

How much does Flex 'n Burn cost?

Class pricing varies according to frequency. Click here for our introductory specials and general rates.

What do I need to do to prepare for a class?

Dress comfortably and bring a water bottle and towel. We suggest that you arrive 5-15 minutes early for your first class to check out the studio, meet your instructor and get a quick orientation before the class.

Do I need a heart rate monitor for the classes?

No, a heart-rate monitor is optional. However, we do offer the option of heart-rate monitoring for all classes with our heart-rate technology and in-studio display screens which allow you and the instructor to see your workout data live and enables you to adjust your effort or intensity to get the most out of every minute of the class. If you wish to participate and track your heart-rate, bring your heart-rate enabled Apple Watch or any ANT+ chest strap to gauge your workout intensity and capture data from the class. If you don’t have one, you can purchase an ANT+ monitor from our boutique and we’ll get it activated.


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